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Repair and diagnostic equipment for sucker rods (SR)

Automated complex is intended for cleaning, diagnostic and repair of used sucker rods (SR) providing a complete SR repair cycle. Electric equipment is manufactured according to electrical installation code, rules of the technical operation of electrical consumers, construction directives and rules. All equipment units are integrated into a line and can operate in automated mode.

Main technological operations of SR repair:

  • Primary visual check of rod
  • SR washer with mechanical cleaning
  • Scratchalizer cutting
  • Coupling unscrewing
  • Cleaning of SR threaded part
  • Thread instrumental monitoring with gauges
  • Rod defect detection
  • Defect detection of SR fillet surface
  • SR hardening
  • SR scratchalizer overlaying
  • Stall force control of SR scratchalizer
  • Rod and coupling assembly
  • Marking
  • Packing
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