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Stall force control unit for SR scratchalizer

Unit components:

  • Frame with coordinate holes to fix support
  • Levelling jack
  • Vertical cross arm
  • Dial dynamometer
  • Roller
  • Cable with haul chain
  • Horizontal cross arm
  • Support with changeable sockets
  • Hook

Operational procedure:

  1. SR fillet is installed into the horizontal cross arm.

  2. Other fillet is inserted to hook to prevent extension in case of scratchalizer stall.

  3. Support with socket (according to SR size) is fixed in the frame near the scratchalizer  for which a stall force control is performed.

  4. Levelling jack is set into action by raising vertical cross arm with dynamometer fixed on it.

  5. Cable fixed to dynamometer pulls horizontal cross arm with inserted SR.

  6. The force is measured after taking up slack.

  7. To control stall for next scratchalizer readjust the support with changeable sockets to the respective position.

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