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BPU hydraulic pressure tester assembly

The unit is intended for BPU hydraulic testing. The pressure test is performed by industrial oil for hydraulic systems.

Unit components:

  • Assembly bed;
  • Hydroplant with oil delivery and collection system;
  • Pump lift unit;
  • Changeable adapters;
  • Control and results display unit to computer.

Working principle:

Tested pump with adapter is installed on assembly bed. It is connected to the hydroplant by pressure hose. Back end of the tested pump is lifted, a suction valve opens. The unit is turned on, oil is filled, air from cylinder is removed through open valve. After filling the valve automatically closes and pump pressure starts raising. Once the established pressure value is reached hydroplant turns off. Timing of pressure drop control starts. After control time interval is expired, the control result is shown on operator’s board.

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