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Repair and diagnostic equipment for beam pumping units (BPU)

A complete equipment complex is formed by BPU repair service center.

The service center allows to repair all BPU sizes with quality required by manufacturers.

With staff of 10 persons and duly organized technological process of BPU repair this equipment set allows to repair up to 25 pumps per shift.

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Service Center is provided with  operational and technical documentation that regulates service center work and accelerates stuff instruction and facilitates the work. The set includes the following main documents:

  • technological process of disassembly, control, assembly and testing of pumps according to API standard of type RHAM, THM;

  • BPU repair organization project (equipment plan, assembly drawing, construction assignment);

  • service manuals for delivered technological equipment;

  • working instructions for service center stuff.

No. Operation denomination Equipment denomination
1 Beam pumping unit washer inside and outside BPU washer installation. Washer for small parts
2 BPU complete disassembly Subassembly bed, unit to extract rod with plunger and clean cylinder, lifting device, wrenches, jaws, special-purpose tool kit.
Checking valves for hermeticity Unit to control non-hermeticity of valve assembly (computer communication)
4 Seat lapping (or replacement for new ones) Stand for valve assembly lapping
5 BPU cylinder diameter measurement. Plunger diamenter measurement. Support of assembly cylinder-plunger according to Fit BPU cylinder and plunger diameter control unit
6 Pump sitting nipple testing Stall force control unit for BPU pump sitting nipple
7 Assembly of BPU bottom side Subassembly bed, wrenches, jaws
8 Pump assembly hydraulic testing BPU hydraulic pressure tester assembly
9 Final BPU assembly Subassembly bed, wrenches, jaws
10 Marking Marking device
11         Hardware and software package for electronic database of repair and passport system


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