Activator-type washer for pumping and compression pipes (PCP)

The line is intended to remove (washing off) asphaltene deposits and other field impurities from the surface of well equipment (pipes up to ø500 mm, rods, pumps, etc.).

Washing of well equipment pipes from asphaltene deposits is performed in automatic mode in agitator washing-machine. Washing station comprises washing tank with hinged top and sedimentation tank for asphaltene deposits connected by drain hole and feed and return pipes, 2 pumps with consumption of 100 m3/h that provide water circulation in washing tank, removal of emersed asphaltene deposits from washing tank to sedimentation tank, water drain from sedimentation tank to canalization.

Washing station uses recirculating water supply. Washing liquid is heated in washing tank by steam (use of heating elements is energy-consuming).

Pipes are loaded to washing tank and downloaded with overhead crane. Dirty pipes are delivered to shop and taken out in bundles with mechanized rail-guided cart.

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