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Three-way ball valve

The valve is intended to distribute service fluid flow in pipe line or its separation on two directions. Valve ball starts rotating around shaft axis manually by handle or in the remote mode by drive, depending on packaging.

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  1. Valve body is turned, from rolled products.
  2. Valve body material is stainless steel.
  3. Shaft has shevron pack seal with automatic adjustment.
  4. Valve is provided with protection against shaft outbreak.
  5. Wear compensation of ball seal is provided.
  6. Ball seal is changeable.
  7. Drivev seating is in accordance with DIN ISO 5211, GOST Р 55510-2013


Operating environment

oil-water-gas mixture

Temperature of operating environment, °С

from -60 to +130

Atmospheric temperature, °С

from -60 to +40

Rated pressure PN, MPa


Nominal diameter DN, mm

80 (100)

Connecting dimensions of drive according to GOST Р 55510-2003


Connecting dimensions of shaft, mm

square 22

Structural length according to GOST 3326-86, mm

310/155 (350/175)

Union flange version according to GOST 33259-2015


Body and air-gas channel material

stainless steel

Ball material

stainless steel

Seal material in movable couplings

fluoroplastic and its modifications

Seals in fixed joint

rubber joints

Shutoff class according to GOST Р 54808-2011


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