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Case pipe hydro-testing

Hydraulic testing unit is intended to test case pipes of different diameters in repair and pipe diagnostic lines in service centers for oil equipment repair.

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Hydraulic testing unit includes the following blocks and mechanisms:

  • Frame, translating carriage, test head, screw cap are included in hydraulic testing block where the pressure test with hydraulic pressure takes place according to technological parameters;
  • Circulating tank, storage tank and pipes form a part of recycling water system;
  • Hydraulic equipment includes water transfer pump from tank to tank, high-pressure pumping unit, low-pressure pump for rapid water filling of internal part of the pipe.

By agreement with the customer pipes can be loaded and downloaded from hydraulic testing unit to the transportation line or shelving unit.

Control system is based on industrial programmable login controller and can be connected to the upper level of process control system. The unit can operate in standalone mode as well as a part of  case pipe repair line in automatic mode.

Unit is controlled by control board equipped with touch screen, CCTV system screen. Also control board has button bar for manual control of the unit. Desk interface in work window reflects technological information necessary for testing.

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